ACL Injuries May be Haunting the NFL


It seems like every week we are hearing of another player tearing their ACL either in practice or during a big game, and for the most part that’s been the reality.

Nearly 80% of NFL teams are suffering player losses due to ACL tears this season, and that number just seems way too high. Why is this happening? Why does it only seem to be an issue within the NFL? And what does it mean for the future of these players? Continue reading “ACL Injuries May be Haunting the NFL”


Respect Lost for Odell?

imageMan what a game this was on Sunday, Panthers 38, Giants 35. We expected it to be a close one, and that’s exactly what we got. However, the media doesn’t seem very focused on how tight of a game it really was, or how the Panthers have improved to 14-0, but rather have aimed their focus on the bloodbath that went down between OBJ and Josh Norman. Continue reading “Respect Lost for Odell?”

DeMarco Unhappy Even After Big Win


The Eagles came through Sunday evening and pulled off an upset against top-ranked New England. Everyone in the City of Brotherly Love must be ecstatic, right??


Following Sunday’s game in Foxborough, Murray met with owner Jeffrey Lurie, and expressed his frustrations stemming from his limited role in the offensive. Continue reading “DeMarco Unhappy Even After Big Win”

Is Cam the Undisputed MVP?

Cam NewtonWith only a handful of weeks left of football, MVP talk is becoming a lot more relevant to NFL fans and the media.

Cam Newton is making himself a worthy candidate by leading what, at the start of the season, looked to be a less-than favorable Panthers team to a 12-0 start. However, many are saying there’s no competition, and that Super Cam has already locked up the award.

Scratch that thought. Continue reading “Is Cam the Undisputed MVP?”