5 Takeaways and Overreactions from Week 3 in the NFL

While most headlines were dominated by Trumps comments and the players reactions, the actual games being played were quite compelling. Here are takeaways and overreactions from Week 3:

Tennessee Titans 33, Seattle Seahawks 27

Okay now it’s time to panic if your a Seahawks fan. Allowing 195 rushing yards to the Titans is bad enough, but not being able to provide any rushing offense is the more concerning stat.

Russell Wilson seemed to find some rhythm having his best start this season throwing for 4 TDs with 373 passing yards, but once again he was under way too much pressure, and was forced to carry the offense. 

Seemingly every year the Seahawks are mediocre to downright bad for the first half of the season. With their only win coming against the lowly 49ers. Maybe this start is different than most years and this is what the Seahawks are.

New England Patriots 36, Houston Texans 33

I don’t care what team you support, if you can’t tip your cap to Brady after that performance than you don’t know talent.

The Patriots showed a lot of things on Sunday, mostly bad, especially on defense. The fact that the Patriots rank dead last in the NFL in both points and yards allowed is surreal considering the fact that the Patriots were expected to have a top ten defense this year.

But let’s try and not look at the disgusting defensive performance by the Patriots and the retched safety play and marvel at Brady for a second. Brady was pressured on over half his dropbacks against the Texans, and they still somehow won. Usually in the NFL if your over 40% your going to lose let alone 50%. It just shows how amazing this guy is.

How many other quarterbacks would’ve taken the beating that Brady did play after play and gotten right back up? Even on the 3rd and forever throw to Amendola and the game winning touchdown pass to Cooks he got trucked right after he threw it.

Granted the amount of hits that Brady took is certainly alarming and cannot continue to happen. But once again Brady did what he does best: win. Brady looks ready to singlehandedly win the Patriots another title, and I’m not betting against him.

Chicago Bears 23, Pittsburgh Steelers 17

While most protests on Sunday were very graceful and respectful, the Steelers was just a mess. That’s what happens when you try and make 53 individuals do and think the same thing, it never works.

But wait there was even more chaos on the field than off. 

Somehow the Steelers who are flooded with offensive talent aloud themselves to get shutdown by the Bears. When are we going to admit that Mike Tomlin is not a good coach? Teams that are well coached don’t lose to the Bears, yet every single year it seems the Steelers lose 3-4 games to putrid teams.

A team that has as much talent as Pittsburgh should dominate games with their juggernaut offense, yet the mediocrity continues. Chalk it up as long as Mike Tomlin is the head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers they will not win another title.

Philadelphia Eagles 27, New York Giants 24

I can’t be the only one who wanted the Giants to get crushed this weekend. Jake Elliot not only hit the biggest kick of his career when he drilled in that 61 yarder, he also won himself Carson Wentz’s game check. 32k is nothing to sneeze at.

The biggest story of this game is the fact that the Giants are 0-3 and essentially done. The Giants showed a little life late with a rally that finally showed hope for Eli Manning and the offense, especially with Odell doing what Odell does best. But ultimately they fell short, and the only ones they have to blame are themselves.

Overall this has been the worst possible scenario for the Giants, if they were to go 8-8 at this point I think we would all be shocked. But the person who deserves the most blame is Jerry Reese. The offensive line has been putrid and he did nothing to fix that. This offseason the Giants need an overhaul coach, GM, or maybe even a quarterback. All that is for sure is that they’re the biggest disappointment in the NFL.

Washington Redskins 27, Oakland Raiders 10

Derek Carr is a great young quarterback with a lot of potential, but on Sunday night he looked downright awful. He was under consistent pressure which was noticeably getting to him, and he couldn’t find any consistency in the pocket.

Meanwhile Kirk Cousins and the Redskins offense was dynamic even without their best offensive weapon in Jordan Reed. Chris Thompson picked up a lot of slack in this game going off for 150 yards and a touchdown.

This game was more about the Redskins defense which suffocated the Raiders. If the Redskins can play like that on defense every week then they can make some noise. Considering that Prescott and Wentz are still inexperienced and Cousins is arguably a top ten quarterback, a great defense could push them up the NFC totem pole.

Top Performer of Week 3

Tom Brady: 25-35, 378 yards, 5 touchdowns, qbr 146.2


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