Biggest Takeaways & Overreactions from Week One in the NFL

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Week one is in the books, and well man, it sure feels good to have football back.

Overall week one provided us with some solid entertainment. Some teams came up with shocking upsets while others fell way short.

Here are the top takeaways from Week one in the NFL, some may be overreactions but that’s for you to decide!

It’s time to panic in New York

Everyone expected the Giants offense to have growing pains on Sunday night considering they were missing their best weapon in Odell Beckham Jr. But what they put out on the field shouldn’t be allowed at an NFL level.

In the first half of the game the Eli Manning led offense had TWO first downs and a total of 50 offensive yards!

Manning looked lost, whenever he is put under the slightest duress he cracks and can’t make a play. Unless there is perfect protection and a wide open receiver Manning isn’t going to make a play for you it’s so painfully obvious.

There are two major takeaways from this game, 1: Beckham is going to be one rich man, because him not playing showed how dependent the Giants are on him. What other leverage does he need?

And 2: Manning is not an elite quarterback, he hasn’t been in a couple of years now and unless he does a complete 180 the Giants are going to have a big decision on their hands.

Seahawk’s offensive line is worse than expected and that’s saying something

The Seahawk’s defense was dominant in the first half of Sunday’s game against the Packers, and looked like the Legion of Boom from a few years ago. That was the Seahawks chance to go out and steal the game, but as predicted their garbage, and I mean garbage offensive line, was their downfall.

The Seahawks weren’t able to get in the end zone against an overall mediocre Packers defense, and were only able to muster up three field goals in a 17-9 loss. Wilson was a measly 14-27 and had a quarterback rating of 69.7, pretty putrid numbers. 

But the stat that stands out the most is that Wilson was pressured on more than half of his 30 drop backs. Even for the talented scrambler that Wilson is, that’s way too much and it’s hard to complete passes when you’re getting hit every play.

The Seahawks have the formula for a Super Bowl winning team, elite quarterback, good weapons, strong defense, but their joke of an offensive line could cost them a title.

Time to blow it up in and get rid of Andy Dalton

Well that should do it for the Dalton era in Cincinnati. 

It’s well known that Dalton’s job security coming into the season was iffy at best. After that putrid performance against Baltimore, and the Bengals making it publicly known that they believe in A.J McCarron, it’s really a question of how long will they ride it out with Dalton.

Dalton went 16-of-31 passes for 170 yards and four picks in his laughable performance against the Ravens. This performance was so bad that you have to wonder if Dalton should ever see another snap in a Bengals uniform, maybe any uniform.

The Texans performance was embarrassing

What a good sight to see in Houston, a city in chaos from a treacherous storm rallying behind J.J Watt who has done fantastic work for the community. For a split second a city in ruin had some joy and good vibes, Houston was ready to see the Texans come out firing.

Well that didn’t last very long and soon enough Houstonians were booing the Texans, and let me tell you they deserved a lot more than just getting booed. 

That performance was just embarrassing, after all the hype for Sunday’s game you go out there and can only muster 36 yards in the first quarter against Jacksonville.

It was so ugly that Tom Savage (how the hell is this guy an NFL quarterback) was benched at half-time in favor of Deshaun Watson. Losing 29-7 at home to a mediocre at best Jaguars team is unacceptable Mark it up: if Houston doesn’t come out and blow doors in their next game they aren’t making the playoffs.

At least there is some hope after leading the Texans to a touchdown drive in the third quarter, Watson is taking reps with the first team offense. Hopefully that is the last anyone has to see of Tom Savage on a football field.

Derek Carr is worth every penny he got and more

There were a lot of questions surrounding Carr heading into this season. How will Carr come back from his injury? Will he be able to live up to the 5 year $125 million dollar contract that the Raiders gave him this offseason?

For one week Carr answered all those questions in a big way. Carr was extremely effective on Sunday going 22-of-32 for 262 yards with two touchdowns and no picks. Carr led the Raiders offense to points on 6 of their nine possessions, and downright outplayed Marcus Mariota.

Carr did everything you want from a good quarterback. Go into a hostile environment against a highly touted Titans team and grind out a win. 

The Raiders are not a team to be taken lightly, they have the guy at quarterback and a good team around him. Don’t be surprised if Carr takes this team further than people are expecting.

The Indianapolis Colts SUCK!!!

Let’s be honest, if anyone predicted that the lowly Rams were going to embarrass the Colts 46-9 at home they would’ve been take shamed and laughed at. Well they don’t look so dumb now. 

The Colts entered Sundays game without Andrew Luck who is still recovering from injury, and had Scott Tolzein as the fill-in.

Maybe Tolzein could have been just a smidge sharper, after all throwing two pick-sixes to a Rams defense who was missing their best player isn’t the best look. Both picks were so bad that they were genuinely hilarious to watch. But no one expected anything out of the quarterback position this week. The rest of the team’s play was the real alarming thing.

The Colts defense made Jared Goff of all people look like a good quarterback, yes I said it: Jared Goff looked acceptable for a week. 

The tackling by the Colts was awful, most of the time they looked completely disengaged. The secondary (granted is injury ridden) made the worst passing offense in the NFL look like the best, and the offensive line gave up four sacks, a trend that continues to plague the Colts.

Really after a game like this you have to wonder how much longer is Pagano going to be the coach of this team. If you were curios what it looks like when a team losses faith in their coach, well just look at this years Colts.


How ’bout them Cowboys!? After a brilliant rookie season there was one glaring question about Prescott: Can he beat the Giants who handed the Cowboys two of the three losses they suffered a year ago? Prescott answered it in a big way winning in convincing fashion against the Giants on Sunday Night Football.

While Prescott wasn’t the star of this particular game, beating a team that has your number is a much needed thing for the psyche of a quarterback.

The real star of Sunday Night was Ezekiel Elliot. Elliot had 104 yards in the game and picked up right were he left off last year, he was especially key in the fourth quarter getting key first downs to ice the game away.

The Cowboys defense also looked fantastic on Sunday night limiting the Giants to a measly three points and only 12 first downs. While many expected the Cowboys to handle a Giants offense missing their best weapon, no one saw that type of absolute sovereignty coming.

The Cowboys cemented themselves as the class of the division on Sunday night. While there are still some questions on defense, the Cowboys are poised to make another run in the playoffs and maybe break their drought.



13 thoughts on “Biggest Takeaways & Overreactions from Week One in the NFL”

  1. I believe your criticism of Eli Manning is misplaced. You acknowledge the o line problems in Seattle, but not New York. You put all the blame on Manning as well as the absence of Odell. I know this was posted before the Giants Lions game, but Odell played in that game and the Giants’ offense was still useless. Why? Because their o line is terrible! Without a good o line you can’t run or pass protect. Seattle and New York are actually very similar teams. The difference is Wilson is mobile and can therefore cover some of the o line’s deficiencies. Manning on the other hand is a statue. Lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. After witnessing the Lions massacre the Giants offensively I have to agree. However the only slight disagreements I have is that manning has a tendency to hold onto the ball to long. Granted if your getting hammered every play it’s hard to be sharp. But he needs to run the 2 minute offense more and get it off quicker. Thanks for the comment!

      Liked by 1 person

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