Fantasy Outlook: Don’t Draft Players From These 3 Teams

With the NFL regular season a little over a week away, Fantasy players all around the globe are racing to draft their dream team.

Whether it’s for money or just straight up bragging rights, having a dynamic Fantasy team matters. So if you’re hoping to contend and beat out some of your closest friends this season, I would suggest avoiding players from any of these 3 NFL teams:

The New York Jets

According to Rich Cimini, the Jets may very well be the NFL’s worst team, and for obvious reasons.

A murky quarterback situation mixed with a group of no-name offensive weapons is the recipe for disaster. The Jets are rumored to be tanking this season in hopes to acquire a franchise quarterback with a top pick in next year’s draft, but it’s hard to believe that any team would play on a weekly basis with the idea of losing. However, a bad record seems inevitable for this team.

One player who many may consider drafting in Fantasy is Bilal Powell. After taking over for Matt Forte late last year, Powell exploded down the stretch, averaging over 20 carries a game and over five targets a game. He also rushed for over 500 yards and had three scores. However, while he may have some similar games this season, it will be hard for the Jets to only utilize him. Many defenses will recognize that, and Powell will likely be limited, forcing the Jets to try and throw the ball.

Forte is also reportedly on the Jets trading block, which isn’t a great sign for the veteran back. Forte was the Jets’ feature back most of 2016, and with the running back battle heating up this year, he won’t be as great of a Fantasy asset as he once was.

With that being said, no Jets player is looking like a guaranteed Fantasy stud this year. Avoid drafting anyone from the Gang Green if possible.

The Cleveland Browns

The Browns are hoping to surpass their record from last year (1-15), and look poised to do so. However, how much better have they truly gotten?

With DeShone Kizer officially getting the nod at starting quarterback, the Fantasy implications are iffy at best. As a rookie, he is likely to face some struggles, and with quarterback struggles comes offensive struggles.

The loss of Terrelle Pyror may sting for Cleveland as he proved he could succesfully make the transition from quarterback to wide receiver. That leaves Kenny Britt as the Browns’ No. 1 guy. Britt, who had a career year last season with the Rams, will likely struggle as the Browns test the waters with their rookie quarterback.

The running back situation is similar to the Jets as it is up in the air as to who will receive the most touches throughout the season. Duke Johnson Jr. has been making strides toward being the No. 1 guy, but Isaiah Crowell is still showing signs of versatility.

Like their quarterback situation, the Browns will likely test the waters for their running backs by splitting the carries, something not many Fantasy players like in a starting running back.

The Houston Texans

The Texans are poised to improve as well this year, even after securing a playoff berth last season. However, it is not quite guaranteed.

Deshaun Watson is still fighting for the starting job, and while he is likely to be a very prominent player in the league, he is still inexperienced on an NFL field.

This leaves quality players like DeAndre Hopkins and Will Fuller with uncertain expectations. It is a similar situation to New York and Cleveland, where if the team does not have a secured, confident quarterback, their season could likely suffer.

Basically, taking any Texans player is a gamble. Lamar Miller may receive quality touches, but he will be competing with rookie D’Onta Foreman and Alfred Blue, who seems to be taking strides towards improvement every season. With competition still lurking only days before the season kicks off, it is unknown who will get the majority of the goal-lines touches, something that matters highly in Fantasy Football.

– Kyle Hirshkind is the Managing Editor for Kombination Sports. He is also a staff writer and Managing Editor for cover32/Jets and covers the New York Jets.


Author: Kyle Hirshkind

Kyle Hirshkind is the managing editor for Full Press Coverage's New York Jets channel. Originally from Long Island, New York, Kyle has been an avid Jets supporter for 20+ years.

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