The 1st Place Red Sox Face a New Problem after Price Situation: Leadership 

It was reported a little while back that David Price got into a “dispute” with NESN analyst and hall of famer Dennis Eckersley. However, no one truly knew the extent of it until now. 

Earlier this week in the Boston Globe it was revealed that Price all but ganged up on Eckersley in the middle of the flight and yelled and belittled him. This occurred because apparently Price had taken issue with Eckersleys opinion on a rehab start made by Rodriguez earlier this season. 

The most concerning part however, is while Price was harassing and screaming at Eckersley, the rest of the team reportedly just sat their and applauded him. One of the players who were leading this was none other than Dustin Pedroia. 

Red Sox nation should be terrified by this news. 

Pedroia seemed like the one guy who understood what it took to win. Apparently Price, Pedroia and the rest of the team including the manager are more concerned about something written about them then they are about winning baseball games. 

Price has seemed to taken a much bigger leadership role on this team for some reason and that’s the worst thing that could possibly happen. This is the time that the Red Sox miss David Ortiz the most because with Ortiz gone and Pedroia turning a blind eye, Price is the one that all the young players are following. 

This team has quickly become the newest face or sports media negativity. Price, Farrell, and Pedroia are supposed to be the Red Sox core. Something in the clubhouse has to change soon or else this could get even more ugly. 

The heart and soul of this team needs a makeover. Either the manager has to be fired or the Sox need to say goodbye to Price.

Luckily for the fans, it seems that the entire clubhouse doesn’t seem to agree with Price. As it was recently reported that 2-3 players disagreed with what was happening and did not applaud. However, when your leader in Dustin Pedroia, the guy who is suppose to and has always done it the right way, is getting behind a guy who has never won a start in October, there is a big problem. Not only do Price and Pedroia look bad in this, Farrell looks like a fool as well. This is yet another example of him not having control over the lockeroom or maybe worse, backing the players in the disgusting act. 

Usually a team can take an “us against the world approach” and it can drive them to a championship. But those teams have heart, and drive to win. This Red Sox team is all too similar to the 2011 Red Sox.

There are also long term implications to this. Price is leading all the young players and showing them how to do it and if this going to be their role model, they could be corrupted for the rest of their Red Sox career. 

All that fans can hope for is that they continue to win because if they don’t, this sticky situation will become their newest excuse. Even more so, you know it’s bad when Hanley Ramirez seems like the last hope to lead this team. 

So as the Red Sox slowly slide down the standards and seem to care more about the media, Boston, with so much hope, is seeming to slowly become less and less promising. Let’s see if this team can turn it around or if they are going to need another fire sale in Boston. 


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