Ranking the Top 5 Point Guards in the NBA Right Now

In an era ruled by guards, the point guard position has become more important than ever. So with no shortage of great point guards in today’s game, who are the leaders that rise above the competition?

Disclaimer: With the Rocket’s addition of Chris Paul, I am no longer counting James Harden as a point guard.


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5. Kyrie Irving: Kyrie Irving is one of the most premier finishers in the game, and is maybe the best closer out of everyone on this list. In just six seasons under his belt, Irving has already racked up such awards as, 4x all star, 1x ROY, 1x champion, and 1 All-NBA appearance. Despite the drama surrounding Irving’s name recently, you cannot deny that Uncle Drew is still one of the best scorers in the league. However, the reason he is slotted at number five is that he lacks the passing ability other elite guards possess. It also does not help that Irving has been the second option on his team for the better part of his career. Perhaps this is part of the reason Irving wants out of Cleveland.

4. Chris Paul: The newest member of the Houston Rockets should relieve James Harden of his point guard duties, and was brought in to take some of the pressure of Harden that plagued him during Houston’s playoff run last year. Paul has been among the elite point guards for the last decade and is a proven pass first play-maker. Although he has no NBA finals appearances, Paul has racked up nine NBA all-star selections, nine all defensive teams, and eight All-NBA selections. Although already in his thirties, Paul has shown no signs of slowing down and seems more determined each year to improve his game.

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3. John Wall: It was very tough to place John Wall this high on the list, however, Wall is currently the third best point guard in the NBA. His finishing ability combined with his passing skills has put him above elite guards such as Kyrie Irving and Chris Paul. Wall has also shown off his clutch scoring in the playoffs last year, as he did his best to carry the Wizards into the eastern conference finals. the youngest of the point guard on this list, Wall has the most room for improvement, and the ceiling is the roof for him (shout out Michael Jordan).

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2. Stephen Curry: Stephen Curry is both a two time MVP and a two time NBA champion. Curry is also the leagues best shooter and delegating the primary scoring duties to superstar teammate, Kevin Durant. Curry showed he can be just as effective being the second option on a championship team. Steph is still one of the leagues most clutch players, as seen in his 2017 NBA finals performance against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Also, unlike many of the other players on this list, Curry can easily adapt to his different roles on the team. He went from back to back NBA MVP, to the second best player and was still able to contribute with the same impact each night. It is clear that Stephen Curry will continue to be one of the leagues best players for years to come.


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1. Russell Westbrook: At this moment in time, Russell Westbrook is the best point guard in the NBA. Even despite Westbrook’s out of this world stats, as he put averaged a triple-double throughout the entire course of the season, Westbrook also carried a near sorry Oklahoma City Thunder team to the sixth seed in the playoffs. However, even though Westbrook had an incredible season last year, I believe with the addition of Paul George, he will have an even bigger impact on the court in the upcoming season. Although his stats will drop off a bit, Russell will delegate more of his responsibilities to George, which will ease some of the pressure off of him. Therefore, Westbrook will have an enough energy to contribute in fourth quarters, rather than being out of gas and taking bad shots.




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Even with a controversial list like this, one thing is clear: Every single one of these point guards has proven that they can lead a team successfully and that they will be giving defenders nightmares for years to come.

What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below!


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