Has Baseball Lost It’s Flare? This is how the League can Prevent the Sport from Dying Off

During the past five years, ratings for baseball have never been higher. Attendance for baseball has also been at an all time high. So why does it feel like nobody cares about the sport anymore? 

Well frankly, outside of the die hard fans (me included) and the people who use to watch it as kids, nobody does care.

Baseball has been dying slowly and it really only has it self to blame. An average MLB game takes 3 hours and 5 minutes to complete (all information via Baseball Reference). 

In a time where everyone and everything seems to be moving quicker, baseball has actually slowed down. This is easily the biggest problem facing the sport.
Young talent continues to emerge all over from Harper, Trout, and Judge and fans are star struck from the long homeruns to the amazing catches the games. The game truly seems full of excitement. But the dragging-pace of play is shadowing the great talent.

When your watching a basketball game or a hockey game, it’s around 2 hours and 35 minutes. Your focus runs with the pace (especially in hockey) and you’re invested throughout the entirety of the game. With baseball, most nights it can be chore to sit through a couple innings let alone a game for the average fan. Also the amount of games in other sports are way less, they play 162 games in every season and to expect a person to be able to invest over three hours into a game in the middle of July can be a bit ridiculous.

Don’t get me wrong, baseball is my life, but the slowing pace is just getting to be too much. When a pitcher is taking thirty seconds in between pitches in the 3rd inning, something has to be done. Luckily, baseball should be able to pull itself out of this drought, and Manfred is just the commissioner for it.

Baseball needs change badly in order to survive in this ever changing world. People say “but the history of the game,” however the history of the game was ruined when steroids dictated baseball and your modern day Brock Holts were ripping thirty bombs a year. So it needs to be excepted that America’s favorite pastime is indeed again…passing its time.

So how do we solve these problems? The answers are actually so obvious it hurts.

A pitch clock for starters is a must, and has already proven to be successful in the minor leagues. Go take the time to watch a game with a pitch clock and tell yourself that it isn’t SO much better. Seeing every pitcher pitch like Chris Sale, you catch the ball and throw it and do it again. The amount of time wasted adjusting the hat or walking around the mound is enough to drive you mad and with a 20 second pitch clock, at least 15 minutes will be taken off a game per night.

People can complain and even stop watching, but none of it will ever change unless the players suck it up and accept that they can’t adjust their crotch and gloves even when they don’t swing. Change is hard for everyone, but if something isn’t done soon this might be the last generation we truly enjoy this wonderful game.


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