Weighing the Options: Where will Derrick Rose Play Next Season?

With several teams interested in the former all star, Derrick Rose has taken his time deciding on which organization he will continue the next chapter of his career in. Despite injury issues, Rose put up a solid 18 points per game, while still shooting 47% from the field. It’s no secret that Roses athleticism has decreased throughout the years, but he is still a solid point guard who can contribute to a winning team. Possible destinations for Derrick Rose include: San Antonio Spurs, Dallas Mavericks, and Milwaukee Bucks.

Weighing the Options…

San Antonio Spurs: With Chris Paul on his way to Houston, the Spurs are sill in the market for a point guard, and Derrick rose has emerged as a prime candidate. The Tony Parker era is coming to an end, despite his great playoff performance last year. Although Derrick Rose may not have been their first option, under the influence of coach Popovich, Rose can still contribute and lead a championship offense. However, questions have popped up about whether or not Rose can defer to superstar forward, Kawhi Leonard who would obviously be the main option. Despite the doubts, this scenario is still very much a possibility.

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Dallas Mavericks: The Dallas Mavericks have emerged as a ‘serious contender’ for former New York Knicks guard, Derrick Rose. However, the Mavericks did draft North Carolina State standout, Dennis Smith Jr. with the 9th overall pick. This could discourage Rose, as he knows he will not be apart of the future of their organization, and a young rookie will shortly take his place. However, Rose could also embrace the role as a mentor, and take Smith under his wing. Regardless, seeing himself as a temporary rental, this could discourage Rose from taking his talents to Texas.

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Milwaukee Bucks: Image result for derrick rose bucksBeing close to home is reportedly ‘important’ to rose, and Milwaukee is less than a two hour drive from Chicago. Milwaukee also has a young point guard in Malcom Brogdon, but it seems that Rose would be a more long term option, and would play along all star Giannis Antetokounmpo. However, if Rose wants to play on a championship contender, Milwaukee is not the best option (for now), as they are nearing the end of a rebuild and are content progressing their way through the playoffs for the next few years.

With all of this said, it seems that the San Antonio Spurs are a front runner at the moment, with Milwaukee and Dallas closely trailing. Roses decision should come in the next few days, as he has already waited longer to make his decision than most of his peers.




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