Is Curry Hijacking LeBron’s Kingship?

LeBron James, who not that long ago snagged the crown from Kobe Bryant’s possession, may have had his kingship hijacked by this bad man known as Stephen Curry.

Hopping right over Kevin Durant and Anthony Davis, Curry has basically come out of absolute nowhere to take the crown as the new best in the NBA.

Right now, no player is as dominant as Stephen. No player has been able to lift his team higher. No player is truly as skilled or explosive or as fun to watch. And no one presents more of a challenge to defend.

LeBron used to have all of that in him, and sometimes we see it here and there, but not to the same degree of potential Curry is presenting. LeBron has proven he needs other weapons like Kyrie and Kevin Love to support him, while Curry is making a name for himself with few limitations.

Yes, Curry has teammates like Thompson and Green, but they have developed around Steph. Steph has MADE them good, while LeBron had to acquire players who were already developed to help him at the only increasing age of 31.

You can’t blame him. He’s getting old. But as he continues to edge closer to the day of retirement, we’ll continue to see someone new make their way to the top, and the front-runner for that looks like Curry at the moment.

I expect Curry to only get better, if that’s even possible. He’ll go down as one of the greatest of all time by the end of his career, right behind LeBron. Might even finish with a few more rings than LBJ, but we’ll see. He isn’t too far behind as of right now.

Photo: @cn.studios (instagram)


Author: Kyle Hirshkind

Kyle Hirshkind is the managing editor for Full Press Coverage's New York Jets channel. Originally from Long Island, New York, Kyle has been an avid Jets supporter for 20+ years.

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