Johnny Football Era Over?

Johnny Manziel’s name continues to make noise throughout the media, but for all the wrong reasons.

Only a few hours after it had been reported that he was seen in Las Vegas, the Browns announced that Manziel never reported to concussion protocol, which is a team requirement. The team makes sure players who are subject to this testing report to the team medic by 9am on Sunday.

Johnny Football was a no-show, and continues to prove that he doesn’t have a place in the National Football League.

The team reportedly tried to call Johnny multiple times, but he never picked up. There was also no word from Manziel’s agent, which makes the whole situation even more fishy.

According to The MMBQ’s Peter King, the “Brown’s are so done with the guy,” and how can you blame them?

Manziel is only continuing to do harm to this franchise, and hopefully it won’t be a surprise when the organization finally decides to cut him. johnny-manziel

Peter King has also reported that Johnny “wants to go to Dallas,” but would Jerry Jones even give the kid a chance? In my mind, I highly doubt it. Especially after all the drama Dallas has faced this season with Greg Hardy; Jerry Jones most likely won’t want to take on any other players who will bring with them unwanted media attention.

But then again, who would?

Unfortunately, Johnny Football may be no more. Quite a bust for a 1st round pick if you ask me. That might help explain why the organization fired the man who drafted him, GM Ray Farmer, along with head coach Mike Pettine.

Johnny had been given chances on multiple occasions to correct his wrongs this season, but proved he is not really worthy of being the face of any franchise in the NFL.

I’m sure this offseason a few teams will work him out. Someone will sign him. Probably to a 1-year deal so the risks are fairly low. But I don’t see him sticking around much longer, he just can’t handle being a professional athlete. He has the talent, but he doesn’t have the work ethic, and we see this happen on various occasions with NFL players such as Josh Gordon, (oh the poor Cleveland Browns and their luck).

I think the NFL needs to move on from this guy, and vice-versa. There are better QB options out there NFL teams! I know it’s hard to believe but there truly is.

So what do you think? Will some team magically transform Johnny into a guy who can handle himself off the field? Or is it the end of Johnny’s short, drama-filled career? Leave a comment below.



Author: Kyle Hirshkind

Kyle Hirshkind is the managing editor for Full Press Coverage's New York Jets channel. Originally from Long Island, New York, Kyle has been an avid Jets supporter for 20+ years.

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