Is Cam the Undisputed MVP?

Cam NewtonWith only a handful of weeks left of football, MVP talk is becoming a lot more relevant to NFL fans and the media.

Cam Newton is making himself a worthy candidate by leading what, at the start of the season, looked to be a less-than favorable Panthers team to a 12-0 start. However, many are saying there’s no competition, and that Super Cam has already locked up the award.

Scratch that thought. Yeah, Cam is making a pretty strong case, but why is everyone ignoring players like Tom Brady and Carson Palmer, who could definitely be of worthy consideration of the award as well?

Tom Brady currently leads the league in touchdown passes with 31 and is 5th in overall passer rating. Yeah the Patriots have lost two in a row after a 10-0 start, but is that really Brady’s fault? It seems as if everyone eliminated Tom from the MVP talk after the Pats lost what was a pretty close game against Denver, in which Gronk went down and Brady was without any of his top receivers. What could he have possibly done about that?! I know he is often compared to Jesus, but the man can’t do EVERYTHING, right? Yet, despite all the turmoil surrounding New England, he still ranks higher than Cam in passer rating, passing TD’s, completion percentage, yards per game, total yards, and has thrown nearly half as many picks as Cam. Makes you wonder why he has suddenly slipped away from MVP talks.

Now how about Carson Palmer. This man’s been under the radar for most of this season, but he too is ranking higher than Cam in most QB categories, yet since his team has lost a few games, nobody is taking his bid for MVP seriously. This dude is coming off a season where he tore his ACL and yet he is playing better than 99% of all quarterbacks in the NFL. Lets give the man some credit. The Cardinals without Palmer have been nothing more than an average team, and we saw that last season when they fell off pretty hard after losing Carson to injury. Yeah, Larry Fitzgerald has been proving once again that he is a top receiver in this league, but that’s only because he has Carson slinging bullets his way. Carson Palmer may be carrying this team just as much as Cam is carrying his, yet our eyes seemed too fixated the records.

It’ll be interesting to see how the rest of the season lays out. If Cam can’t lead his team to an undefeated season, will he still be the leading candidate for MVP? What if Tom works his magic and leads his team of practice squad players to another Super Bowl? Would that mean anything or is it too late? What if Carson leads his Cardinals to capture the 1 seed in the NFC? Does he beat out Cam for strongest case? Honestly, in the NFL you never know. It seems as if the fans have already made their decision and don’t plan on looking back.



Author: Kyle Hirshkind

Kyle Hirshkind is the managing editor for Full Press Coverage's New York Jets channel. Originally from Long Island, New York, Kyle has been an avid Jets supporter for 20+ years.

One thought on “Is Cam the Undisputed MVP?”

  1. I agree with Palmer being a candidate but not Brady. Newton has been winning with two journey man after he lost his best option with Benjamin going down. Brady lost Gronk and Edelman and showed he can’t carry his team. Newton continues to win despite having the worst receiver corp out of the three.


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